Contact Us

Bayside Terrace, LLC
1100 S Lewis Ave
Waukegan, IL 60085
Phone: (847) 244-8196
Fax: (847) 244-7647
Calling one of our residents may be done by calling one of our three pay phones:
(847) 662-9790, (847) 336-9703 or (847) 662-9796
Cleo (Mental Health Professional) 2434 Yes
Daniel (Qualified Mental Health Professional) 2438 Yes
Debbie I (Director of Social Services) 2435 Yes
Debbie M (Financial Services Assistant) 2413 Yes
Demy (Executive Director) 2415 Yes
Elaine (Director of Quality Improvement) 2417 Yes
Heather (Financial Services Assistant) 2412 Yes
Jack (Director of Maintenance/Housekeeping) 2426 Yes
JayR (Mental Health Professional) 2433 Yes
Jeff (Director of Technology/Health & Safety) 2418 Yes
Judy (Director of Recreational Services/Admissions) 2430 Yes
Kelly R (Mental Health Professional) 2437 Yes
Kevin (Safety Consultant) 2518 Yes
Letty (Financial Services Assistant) 2411 Yes
Lilly (Director of Health Services/Care Plan Coordinator) 2416 Yes
Margene (Mental Health Professional) 2432 Yes
Marie (Mental Health Professional) 2431 Yes
Myrt (Director of Financial Services) 2410 Yes
Pearlie (Director of Food Services) 2414 Yes
Receptionist 2425 No
Shalanda (Ward Clerk/Records) 2419 Yes
Shonda (Licensed Professional of the Healing Arts) 2439 Yes
Sr. Ann (Qualified Mental Health Professional) 2436 Yes
Nursing Station 1 2420 No
Nursing Station 2 2421 No